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Coral Biology

The basic living unit of the class Anthozoa (further subdivided into subclass Hexacorallia, which includes stony corals, and subclass Octocorallia, which includes soft corals) is the polyp. Polyps can occur either singularly, as in the case of anenomes, or can form colonies, as they do in stony and soft corals.

This section is dedicated to providing the essentials of coral biology focusing on the structure and function of these organisms.

Browse the pages below for more detailed information on coral biology:

Polyp Anatomy

Learn about the gross anatomical features of the coral polyp

Skeletal Anatomy

Learn about all of the components of the coral skeleton and the different morphologies that it can display

Microscopic Anatomy

Learn about the microscopic anatomy of coral tissues 

Coral Reproduction

Learn about how corals use different reproductive modes to overcome their immobility 

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Coral Calcification

Coral Symbiosis

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Coral Symbiosis 2

Coral Immunity

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Surface Body Wall

Coral Nutrition

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Basal Body Wall

Coral Nervous System

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